Sunday, February 13, 2011

 some more tools for your beautiful flowers

pollens,wires,floral tapes and tools

needle tool

ball tool

veining tool

oil colours

rolling tool

ball tool 2

wires are available in size-20,22,24 and 26


floral tapes

here are few shades of pollens.......
strawberry plant cutter

bouganvilla flower cutter

anthurium flower cutter

banana plant  cutter

sweetpea flower cutter

calla lilt flower cutter

carnation cutter

catteleya orchid cutter

catteleya orchid cutter

cosmos flower cutter

onc.orchid cutter

orchid cutter

dendrobium orchid cutter

gerbera flower cutter

hibiscus flower cutter

gladiolus flower cutter

hydrengya cutter

lily cutter

lotus cutter

pansy cutter

peony cutter

rose cutter
jasmin flower cutter